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Receive a 10% Discount When Backing Up Multiple Programs!

Current copyright laws allow you to make a personal backup of any software you purchase.  We offer a personal software and data backup service.  Is your home or office work space presently cluttered with Floppy Disks?  Why not consolidate all those floppies to one easy accessible indexed CD.  Customize all your software and store multiple programs onto one CD.  Have backup copies made of your programs originally stored on CD's.  Are you tired of hunting for the Registration or Serial numbers when installing or reinstalling a program?  We will insert the Registration code or Serial number directly into the program files.  Never waste time again looking for those important numbers!  Your original Floppy Disks or CD's will be returned along with a Custom Data CD.  Backup 1 or 100 programs onto a single Custom CD the cost is the same (Limit of 650 MB on a CD)No job too big or too small!

A Data CD can hold up to 650 MB
You can fit the data from 450 1.44 MB Floppy Disks onto one Custom CD
You can fit the data from 60 100 MB Iomega Zip DIsks onto one Custom CD
Price List
       Software Backup                                   Shipping & Handling
1 Custom CD     $12.50 each                     1-10 disks or CD's    $2.50
2 Custom CD's   $10.00 each                     11-20 disks or CD's  $3.50
3 or more CD's   $7.50 each                      21-50 disks or CD's  $4.50
Over 100 disks or CD's please E-mail us for Shipping details!
Michigan residents add 6% sales tax
We accept Cash, Checks, or Money orders.  Make checks payable to:  Tim
When ordering
Please include Program Serial or Registration numbers for index
Multiple Programs on one CD will be zipped unless you request otherwise
Please include your full name, return address, and E-mail address.

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