Your First Two Photo's Are FREE!

We are a discrete 24 bit Color Photo scanning service that not only offers data storage onto Floppy Disks but also onto Custom Photo CD's.  Your original photo's will be returned along with your choice of a Floppy Disk or a Photo CD.  Ever wonder what your children might look like?  Get some idea by merging a photo of yourself and your loved one.  Are you tired of having boxes of old photo's just laying around?  Why not have them all saved onto one Photo CD.  Save special occasion pictures like Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations, etc. transfer all those precious memories onto CD's.  Have your personal or private photo's scanned to show or trade with your friends or family over the Internet.  Naughty or Nice we don't blink twice any and all photo's welcome!  No job too big or too small!  Photo size currently limited to 11 1/2" x 8 1/2" or smaller.

 1.44 MB Floppy Disk can hold up to 40 photo's
Photo CD's can hold up to 18000 photo's
  Price List
           Scanning                                      Storage                               Shipping & Handling .
   1-2 photo's             FREE              E-mail              FREE               1-10 photo's     $1.50   .
3-10 photo's           $1.00 each        Floppy Disk      $0.50 each        11-50 photo's   $2.00.
Over 10 photo's      $0.75 each        Photo CD         $3.00 each       51-100 photo's  $2.50.
Over 100 photo's please E-mail us for Shipping details!
Photo Restoration
(per photo)
Minor touch ups    FREE          General rework and repair    $2.00           Major rework and repair    $5.00
Michigan residents add 6% sales tax on each Floppy Disk or CD used only
We accept Cash, Checks, or Money orders.  Make checks payable to:  Tim
When ordering
Please specify the file names you want the photo's saved by.
The format you want your photo's saved in.
How you want your photo sent to you, on Floppy Disk, Photo CD or returned by E-mail.
Please include your name, return address, and E-mail address.

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